7 Auto Maintenance Tips for a Flawless Driving Experience

When you purchase a car, you automatically add responsibility on your shoulder. In simple terms, you will have to go out of your way to ensure that you maintain your car. However, you can bear the responsibility without much struggle by ensuring that you save money for your car to be checked frequently. If you don’t then you will have to burn a hole in your pocket to keep your car running as simple issues will become even more complicated. Discussed below are some pointers to help you take care of your car and keep it running smoothly:

Inspect Brake Pads

If you fail to inspect your car brake pads, then you will start hearing a nasty grinding noise. This can cause lots of discomforts especially if you are going for long drives. You should change your brake pads often to prevent the grinding noise and accidents as a result of poor braking. To find the nearest mechanic for it, you can check it out.

Check Lights

Headlights or tail lights that are not working are very risky particularly if you are driving in the dark. If you are …

Causes of Windshield Damage

The windshield plays an essential role in a car. Primarily, it serves to protect you from some elements in the atmosphere, such as gushing air currents while traveling at high speeds and debris suspended in the air. It also takes care of temperature changes inside the car. However, this piece of glass often fades to the back of the minds of most drivers when it is in top shape.


windshield crack

Most often, people start thinking about it when they are notable to see clearly. Cracks, chips and other defects are often a top concern for most car owners. This article, thus, looks at some common causes of windshield damage.

Car Accident

Car accidents are a common cause of windshield damage. However, the magnitude of the damage on the windshield is often determined by the nature of the accident. Extensive breakage might result during a head-on collision, whereas small cracks might manifest after minor accidents. The only way to avoid accident-related damages is by observing safe driving practices.

Temperature Extremes

Glass, like most materials, expand and contract when the temperature changes. As much as automotive glass is designed to withstand these …

Six Car Maintenance Tips

In this modern era, purchasing a car and learning how to drive are the two major objectives that people struggle to achieve. However, you also have to know about the components that make it work and keep it in excellent shape. Yes, you heard me right! Buying a car adds you that responsibility. The truth of the matter is that if you take your car for regular maintenance, you will save lots of cash and keep your vehicle on the road longer. Discussed below are car maintenance tips you should keep in mind st stay safe on the road.


Check Tire Pressure

Most people are not aware that tire pressure directly affects the  amount of fuel that their vehicle consumes. Furthermore, it also affects comfort as well as handling of the ride. You should check your tire pressure every day before you hit the road. Modern cars come with advanced tire pressure monitoring systems that will alert you if any of your tires require some air.


car oilCheck Oil Level

Your engine has a lot of moving parts that cause friction as they rub against each other. The friction …