Causes of Windshield Damage

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The windshield plays an essential role in a car. Primarily, it serves to protect you from some elements in the atmosphere, such as gushing air currents while traveling at high speeds and debris suspended in the air. It also takes care of temperature changes inside the car. However, this piece of glass often fades to the back of the minds of most drivers when it is in top shape.


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Most often, people start thinking about it when they are notable to see clearly. Cracks, chips and other defects are often a top concern for most car owners. This article, thus, looks at some common causes of windshield damage.

Car Accident

Car accidents are a common cause of windshield damage. However, the magnitude of the damage on the windshield is often determined by the nature of the accident. Extensive breakage might result during a head-on collision, whereas small cracks might manifest after minor accidents. The only way to avoid accident-related damages is by observing safe driving practices.

Temperature Extremes

Glass, like most materials, expand and contract when the temperature changes. As much as automotive glass is designed to withstand these temperature variations, extreme temperature variations may encourage cracks to form. If you have extended periods of below-freezing point weather, for instance, followed by temperature rise, the crack might appear. It is worth noting that most temperature-related cracks manifest after years of thermal strain.

Poor Installation

Poor installation can affect the durability of your glass. If the glass is loosely fitting, for instance, driving on rugged terrains subjects the glass to vibrations which might end up damaging the glass. Therefore, if you notice some vibration after installation of glass, it is essential to have the fit adjusted, else you risk having some cracks on the windshield.

Low-Quality Glass

The quality of windshield glass matters a lot. Cheap or low-quality glass is more likely to exhibit cracks and other defects than quality glass. While the defects might not be apparent after the installation, they will soon manifest. Small cricks caused by impact from debris suspended in air will quickly lead to large cracks over time.windshield damage

The causes of windshield damage are not limited to the ones highlighted above. If you are having damaged windshield, the best thing to do is to enlist the services of auto glass repair Lincoln NE. Notwithstanding, see to it that the quality of the glass can be able to withstand the effects posed by the environment.