Six Car Maintenance Tips


In this modern era, purchasing a car and learning how to drive are the two major objectives that people struggle to achieve. However, you also have to know about the components that make it work and keep it in excellent shape. Yes, you heard me right! Buying a car adds you that responsibility. The truth of the matter is that if you take your car for regular maintenance, you will save lots of cash and keep your vehicle on the road longer. Discussed below are car maintenance tips you should keep in mind st stay safe on the road.


Check Tire Pressure

Most people are not aware that tire pressure directly affects the  amount of fuel that their vehicle consumes. Furthermore, it also affects comfort as well as handling of the ride. You should check your tire pressure every day before you hit the road. Modern cars come with advanced tire pressure monitoring systems that will alert you if any of your tires require some air.


car oilCheck Oil Level

Your engine has a lot of moving parts that cause friction as they rub against each other. The friction results in heat that can negatively affect the performance of your engine. For this reason, you should try as much as possible to minimize or eliminate it from the moving parts. If you fail to lubricate the parts, you will experience loud knocks or noises from your engine. Check your engine oil level regularly by pulling out the dipstick and examining the oil. If you notice that the oil is becoming darker, you should consider an oil change.


Check Battery

Your car battery might run out when you need it the most. You might get stranded in the middle of nowhere with just the light on your cellphone. If you want this never to ensure that you check your battery frequently. Mineral build up around it should be cleaner with a brush, and any leakage should be sealed. You can also get a new battery if money is not a problem.


Rotate and Balance Tires

If you want to prevent your tire from wearing quickly and unevenly, you should rotate them once in a while. Moreover, ensure that your wheels are properly aligned non-aligned tires enhance your chances of losing control and causing accidents.


Check Brakes

You must have seen movie scenes where brakes fail and make vehicles to cash. Don’t make this happen in your life. If your car’s braking system is efficient, it will last longer than you think. Besides, you will always have peace of mind knowing that your passengers and other road users are safe.


Check Air Filter

Dirty and clogged air filters cause most car problems. It’s necessary that you replace your car’s air filter as recommended by the manufacturer. If you don’t, you will have problems with your AC and end up breathing dirty air. If the filter is still in excellent condition but dirty, you can extend its life by using compressed air. Save cash by checking and replacing your air filter alone if needed.